Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Party for the Two-Year Old

 We had a little party for J on the morning of his birthday. I know he doesn't understand birthdays, but he sure loves social gatherings so he had a good time, not counting the tantrums that happened sporadically. Man, this two year old thing is really a bitter pill to swallow right now. I still love my boy, and I loved letting him celebrate in the form of a cake and being able to hit a pinata, which he LOVED!

We had the party at the community center on base since it was already much bigger than our tiny cottage, and it had a playground attached to the room, so that was awesome to just let the kids play. They were all in the 2 year range, so games were not really in their focus abilities haha.
 Pinata time! Just to let you know, a pinata with a bunch of two year olds is pretty anticlimactic. They have no strength to break it, and they need to be told to scoop up the candy. But it was entertaining to watch!
 ^^finally found a good use for my giant Romanian wooden spoon ha!^^
 ^^I love how my friend Shannell is pointing trying to explain the whole candy thing^^`

 "Hey! My hand is sticky now. What am I supposed to do?"
 "Problem solved."
 He got some other great presents (including a bike!) but alas, he is most excited about the trucks.

Happy Birthday, J! We are so grateful for you.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

We Have Ourselves a Hustling 2-year-old

Let me tell you something about this photo shoot. J saw I had pulled out my camera and had it on the bed. He brought it to me in the living room and motioned to me that he wanted me to take his picture. He does that sometimes, but he started to pull me into my bedroom, the notorious place where I usually have photo shoots of him and Dom. He happily hopped on the bed and started smiling for the pictures.

I started getting suspicious. Sure enough, after I started taking pictures, he said very matter of factly: "iPad." He was totally hustling me! I usually bribe him to cooperate in pictures by letting him watch videos on the ipad and he knows it. This kid!!
^^Future CEO Pose?^^
^^Future gymnast pose?^^
^^Future Hair Model Pose?^^
 ^^Or the best pose yet. I'll call it the Maharaja pose. I don't make him do this!!^^ 

 I think this may be my last time photographing him au naturale, since really, he is more and more quickly becoming a little boy and not a baby and that makes me so sad. Especially as we enter into the INSANE mood swings, the tantrums, the unwillingness to cooperate. Ahhhh, toddlers.

But as I look at these pictures, I am reminded how lucky I am to have this little boy. He has been the light of my life the last two years. And as he gets bigger and shows me love in return, it is amazing. He brings me such happiness. I love you so much, sweet baby J. As long as I'm living my baby you'll be.

Friday, August 5, 2016

8 Months of Dominic

I can't contain myself. Here a lottttt of pictures from our 8 month photo shoot today. Dom had just woken up from his nap and was so so playful! I think this is my favorite stage of his so far. 

 Dominic is crawling and climbing up a storm and he is all over the place. With his mobility his curiosity has exploded, and we have to constantly watch him because he causes mischief all over the house and finds even the tiniest crumb to put in his mouth. We fondly refer to him as our puppy, because he acts just like one. Cute as can be and follows you everywhere!

With his playful side, comes his attitude side. I am worried, because he already is having mini temper tantrums! Mostly if I walk away from him or put him down when he doesn't want to.

But back to the good stuff ha. He is easy to make giggle and his laugh is the best kind of baby laugh there is. He loves J, and is starting to initiate the rough housing with him yikes. Luckily he is still at an age where he doesn't mind J ripping toys out of his hand, because J isn't much of a sharer.

I love this baby. This is his sweet spot, where when I think of him getting bigger it just makes me sad! I want him to stay this size always.

Now for fun here are two pictures of my boys at 8 months, crawling like crazies. Can you tell them apart??

Monday, July 25, 2016

Confessions about Election Year 2016

Are you ready for a big rant? Even if you aren't, I really have to get stuff off my chest.

 I feel like I'm living in a House of Cards episode with the amount of conniving, threatening, dishonesty, corruption, scandal covering, and just overall terrible people involved in the election these days. A few months ago during the Presidential Primary, when America was deciding among a sea of crappy candidates in both parties which crappiest candidate should be the finalists, Kevin Spacey, the corrupt, threatening, terrible person of a president in House of Cards (not actually a terrible person I hope) said something that ultimately sums up the state of America these days: Americans are getting the kind of leaders they deserve.

I confess that I pretty much am disheartened and disappointed with hearing how anyone is voting. When I find out somehow on facebook that someone supports Hillary Clinton, my respect for that person goes down and the disappointment goes up. When I find out somehow that someone I know supports Donald Trump, the same thing happens. If you're one of these people, sorry, that's just how I feel. And there is nothing you can say to me that will justify the words and actions of these terrible terrible people.

It's sad and pathetic that people are arguing how one candidate is better than the other because one candidate is a little less terrible than the other. 

I am fed up with our country's two party system which is practically causing a civil war. The Republican National Convention made me sick. The upcoming Democratic convention will probably make me sicker. All these people who were so anti-Trump are now swearing allegiance to him, because the party is all but holding them hostage. Bernie Sanders is a sellout, because he fought so hard against Hillary Clinton (with the DNC also teaming up against him to make sure he didn't win), and lo and behold, here he is swearing allegiance to Hillary, all for the stupid party. 

I am so disappointed that for the first time in US history, a woman being president is a very tangible reality, and my feminist self should be so happy, but instead I am disgusted that it's a corrupt, selfish, lying, greedy, incompetent bi**h. Not to mention she has terrible taste. Google what she wore to her daughter's wedding. 

And I am sad that someone so blatantly racist and misogynist has gained such a strong support of Americans. He makes threats and says terrible things that are so obviously against what America is supposed to stand for, and people cheer. People are disappointing me left and right.  

So yes, I am voting libertarian this election. Although voting is a personal thing, I have decided I am not going to hide that fact. And if you are a disgusted American like I am, I encourage you to do the same. People may say that I am throwing my vote away, but at least I can live with myself and keep my self respect. 

I don't want this to be all doom and gloom so I will say that the press and satire being put together this election season is awesome so far. Stephen Colbert is winning:
And whoever put this together is a genius. Can you see the trend that I also feel like I'm living in the society of the Hunger Games??

I'm not one to believe in conspiracy theories, but I really am believing this. And I think the whole melania plagiarism thing was another inside job to help Hillary get elected.
So yeah, there you go. Two besties running for president, and the whole country falling for it. Crazy times people!

Friday, July 22, 2016


Most of our time in Utah was spent doing this:
Enjoying those warm temperatures by playing in the sprinklers everyday, because Monterey is too cold for that! It's sad. I love it here, but I just have to say that the Fourth of July in Monterey is seriously depressing. No fireworks are allowed, it's cold, and I think they just do a little parade. I think everyone can agree that the best place to celebrate the Fourth is in UTAH! There were pretty much fireworks every night the entire week leading up to the holiday and days after as well. 

Anyway back to the warm backyard fun
^^love this one! Grandpa spoiled J with lots of ice cream^^
^^Utah is bad for me because there are soooo many yummy treats! This cookie place in SLC did not disappoint^^
Ok, so if you ever are in the magical land of Davis County you must go to S&S Shoreline Train Park! I have always wanted to go as I grew up driving by this guy's house and seeing him build this incredible track for mini trains all around his yard. It was so impressive!! And he has some actual train cars he has collected and kids are welcome to play all over them. J obviously loved it, but it was so much fun for us as well. My sisters agree with me. He has built little bridges, waterfalls, tunnels for the little trains. So fun!
And some other favorite shots. J was so great at helping in the garden ha
And he was enchanted by the fireworks--his first. It was so fun!
Hope you had a great Fourth of July! It definitely lived up to it being my favorite holiday.